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Django Channels for Background Tasks

Django Channels is the most exciting thing to happen to Django since well Django :).

This little tutorial is what you need to add a background task processor to Django using channels. Our task for this example will just be outputting "Hello, Channels!", but you could image running a subprocess on some data or sending an email.

NOTE: channels works on an at-most-once delivery model, so it is possible a message in a channel could be ...

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Disabling Migrations While Testing

If you have a large Django 1.7+ project with a lot of migrations running test even with --keepdb can be slow just because the new migration framework has to order the migrations even if there is nothing to do.

After a few attempts I have found something which works pretty well for me. In your testing setting you can include the following:

class DisableMigrations(object):

    def __contains__(self, item):
        return True

    def __getitem__(self ...
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Default VPCs and T2 Instnaces

Amazon Web Services grows increasingly complex as they provide new an compelling features while supporting legacy users. To some extent this is unavoidable, but the upgrade path is not always clear and keeping documentation up to date is challenging. I did some digging into the new T2 instances and this is some of what I found.

New T2 Instances

My interest was peaked by the T2 instances. The t2.micro is less expensive while nearly ...

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PyCon 2014 and Python on Rails

The organizers of PyCon 2014 did a great job making a large conference feel like a regional one. The diversity among the attendees was great, though there is always room for improvement. I will definitely be going back in 2015.

Here are some lessons learned and a recap of Python on Rails which proved that trains still are the best way to travel.

Stop using pickle. Did you know pickle is a stack based language ...

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Django i18n

What does i18n mean?

i18n = i followed by 18 letters followed by n = internationalization

That is it, just a short hand. It isn't the name of standard governmental or otherwise.

When I watched the first videos about Django many years ago, they declared that Django had great internationalization support including a Welsh translation. It sounded great and I wanted to try to use it, but I was never involved in a project that really ...

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