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Pjax vs JSON

At DjangoCon US 2012 I asked a question about performance after the BDFL keynote on Pjax. Asking about performance is never a good idea since it is never the most important thing. I was attempting to evaluate Pjax versus the plethora of Javascript based rendering that was being discussed.

A common idea was to use the same template language in Django as you use in Javascript. The Meteor keynote explained that just sharing a template ...

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Function Based Views Are My First Love

There is something special about your first love. It is possible be too attached and not embrace the new hotness of say Class Based View (CBV). But after having a fling and then dating CBV for a while, I now know that Function Based Views will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope in Django.

Let's look at a FBV:

def foo(request, arg, template="foo.html"):
    # Do something
    return ...
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DjangoCon and PyCon Canada

This fall I am venturing into the conference circuit starting with DjangoCon US in Washington DC, in September. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what it like to attend a major open source conference. I would also like to try to meet up with other Canadians making there way down to DjangoCon this year. Comment here or on find me on Twitter.

Then in November in Toronto an excellent group of Python developers are ...

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UnicodeEncodeError when uploading files in Django using Supervisor and Gunicorn

Issues related uploading files with unicode filenames have long history with Django and Linux.

There are many stack overflow questions and blog posts on the subject already, but very few deal with solving the problem when using Supervisord and Gunicorn directly.

If you are using apache2 and mod_python you can configure your as per the docs:

Fundamentally all fixes have the same goal: configure the environment of the ...

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Rate your ISP


In June a bunch of great people went with me to a cottage for the weekend to create something. It was our 3rd Wilderness Labs adventure. The outcome is pretty awesome.

We built a service to collect simple ISP reviews to help Canadians find their best local ISP. We called it RateMyISP. (Coming up with names might not be our strongest suit.)

The idea came from Open Media's Stop the Meter campaign when more ...

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