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About Me

Web developer and consultant specializing in Django.

Over nine years in software development working for small to large companies. Three years as a full time consultant.

Focusing on Python, Django, jQuery, HTML5, Accessibility, Postgresql, AWS and Ubuntu Linux.

BMath majoring in CS from the University of Waterloo.


Recent Posts

Default VPCs and T2 Instnaces

Amazon Web Services grows increasingly complex as they provide new an compelling features while supporting legacy users. To some extent this is unavoidable, but the upgrade path is not always ...

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PyCon 2014 and Python on Rails

The organizers of PyCon 2014 did a great job making a large conference feel like a regional one. The diversity among the attendees was great, though there is always room ...

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Django i18n

What does i18n mean?

i18n = i followed by 18 letters followed by n = internationalization

That is it, just a short hand. It isn't the name of standard governmental or ...

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