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About Me

Web developer and consultant specializing in Django.

Over nine years in software development working for small to large companies. Three years as a full time consultant.

Focusing on Python, Django, jQuery, HTML5, Accessibility, Postgresql, AWS and Ubuntu Linux.

BMath majoring in CS from the University of Waterloo.


Recent Posts

Django Channels for Background Tasks

Django Channels is the most exciting thing to happen to Django since well Django :).

This little tutorial is what you need to add a background task processor to Django using ...

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Disabling Migrations While Testing

If you have a large Django 1.7+ project with a lot of migrations running test even with --keepdb can be slow just because the new migration framework has to ...

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Default VPCs and T2 Instnaces

Amazon Web Services grows increasingly complex as they provide new an compelling features while supporting legacy users. To some extent this is unavoidable, but the upgrade path is not always ...

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