WatPy: Waterloo Region Python Group

May, 30 2012


Come hear what the newest tech group in Kitchener-Waterloo has to say at our first Peer 2 Peer event.

Thursday June 7th, 6:30pm at the Communitech Hub.

Featuring Brydon Gilliss and a handfull of lightning speakers.

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We started meeting 4 months ago, and so far the response has been awesome. Our focus is building community, teaching Python and talking about the language we all like a heck of a lot.

I am proud to be part of the beginnings of the community group. Python is a diverse language with uses for web development, scientific computing, psychology and wrapping C libraries. All of these activities are already represented by our group. Diversity complements a changing and innovative Region.

Beyond reaching out and building the community itself, I want to work with other community groups to help built tools which make running community groups easier. If you are interested contact me.

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