Wilderness Labs

June, 28 2011

In December 2010, inspired by several interesting events I had heard about, I started a unique project with a few of my good friends. The idea is to find out what happens when you go away for the weekend with some talented people to a beautiful cottage with the intention to create something.

We decided to call it Wilderness Labs.

Inspiration came from the likes of /dev/fort and the 7 Cubed project. Since there aren't as many rent-able forts in Southern Ontario, cottages seemed like the logical replacement.

Some 8 months on we have already run our first event and are planning to go back on the weekend of Nov 11th to 13th. We are excited to share the experience with some new people, so if it sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in please let us know on our get involved page.

If the first event is any indication we will be doing this for a long time. Going out to a cottage, enjoying a late night camp fire and being able to walk down to the beach made for a weekend which was both memorable and productive.

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